Whirlpool will honor Maytag Foundation’s current commitments

Whirlpool will honor Maytag Foundation’s current commitments
Date April 12, 2006
Section(s) Local News

NDN Staff Writer

Members of organizations and programs in Newton that once received funding from Maytag received some surprisingly good news following the acquisition of the 113-year-old company by rival Whirlpool Corp.

Jody Lau, Whirlpool manager of global communications, said Monday that the Whirlpool Foundation would honor the commitments made by the Maytag Foundation.

“Both Whirlpool and Maytag have had very strong histories of supporting their communities,” said Lau. “We are committed to honoring the commitments already made and then evaluate them for the future.”

As early as March 31, the day the acquisition was finalized, organizations were receiving letters from Whirlpool Foundation stating its intent to continue financial support.

Newton Community School District Superintendent Steve McDermott said he had not been personally contacted by the Whirlpool Foundation but had heard it would honor prior commitments, which include the matching grant allotted to Newton Community Educational Foundation.

“It was great news,” he said. “It obviously is a funding source that we were concerned will dry up.”

The matching grant to the NCEF was $2,036 for 2004-2005, and the foundation has received funding in the past as well, McDermott said.

“That match is very important to us,” he said. “That grant money provides revenue for special learning opportunities beyond what the school typically provides.”

The Whirlpool Web site stated the Maytag Foundation has funded more than $1.5 million annually to its community and that the Whirlpool Foundation would meet those commitments for 2006. Among those programs previously supported by the Maytag Foundation include a match grant to the NCEF, scholarships to high school seniors, grant funding to the Community Innovation Awards, donations to the Newton Community Theatre renovation project and funding to Hospice of Jasper County, to name just some.

“We do have to keep in mind how much the Maytag Foundation has done for our schools and our community. We have to appreciate this (funding from Whirlpool Foundation) and not take it for granted,” McDermott said.


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