Diversity is already in progress

Diversity is already in progress
Date May 11, 2006
Section(s) Opinion
To the Editor:

Many of us thought Maytag was “forever.” Na & iuml;ve of me, to say the least, in view of the modern globalization of America’s industry.

We must now move forward, and great strides have already been made to diversify Newton’s economy. With the governor’s call for the unprecedented infusion of $10 million from the Iowa Values Fund to Newton, the goal of the city will be to consider a wide option of opportunities for business, industry and tourism. A vibrant downtown square would be a defined asset, expanding and enhancing the industrial park is a possibility, initiating a study of the feasibility of a major ethanol manufacturing plant near the intermodal park should be considered and undertaking a nationwide search for manufacturers and small businesses seeking highly trained and dedicated workers is a must.

We’ve already observed the developmental “spin” from the Iowa Speedway, and much more of that is yet to be announced. Add to this last week’s announcement from May-May and Bill Ng to establish the Iowa/International Trade Center at the renovated County Care Facility, and diversity is already in progress.

We’ll make it, because that is what Newton is all about. Change will require adaptation, but if we all work together, what now appears a daunting task, can soon be accomplished.

Sen. Dennis Black



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