Former resident cheers Newton on

Former resident cheers Newton on
Date May 11, 2006
Section(s) Opinion
To the Editor:

Even though I expected Whirlpool to make the decision they did, I wasn’t prepared for the sadness I experienced when I heard the news.

Newton was home to my family and me from 1966 until 2005. All three of my children were Newton Senior High School graduates. I have nothing but admiration for the many people I met, students I taught and the Red Pride spirit of Newton. I will continue to wear my Newton sweatshirt and baseball cap with pride in our Eldora home. I can’t and won’t ever forget all the wonderful memories Newton holds for me. We were in Newton a week ago and marveled at how pretty Newton really is. The town pride was obvious as we drove by the familiar homes and businesses.

But Maytag is leaving. In spite of that, I am cheering for Newton as the community and its people find ways to recover from the loss of Maytag. It can happen. I know it can. Go Cards.

Gary Knox



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