Newton a good place to grow up

Newton a good place to grow up
Date May 11, 2006
Section(s) Opinion
To the Editor:

My name is Brad Shue and I grew up in Newton from 1972 to 1985. It was the perfect place to live and grow up. Four seasons, friendly people, good jobs, good schools, a lively downtown and an active social society. My father used to tell me that it was like the small town that he grew up in back in North Carolina.

I think the population was about 12,000 back then. You could ride your bike from one side of town to the other in about 30 minutes if you knew how to use the alleys and backroads. Cone Corner was the place to be in the summer after a baseball game, and my dad always took me to the Snook Inn for Saturday breakfast and taught me to like eggs over easy with toast to sop it up. I think he even let me try coffee there for the first time (Don’t tell Mom).

Maytag was the major employer when I was there. Since we have been gone, many of the major industries left. I heard that the prison moved in and created some new jobs.

Newton is not a town that is ready to die. Newton needs to pull itself up by its bootstraps and regain its place in the commerce system in Iowa.

Newton is full of hard workers who are dedicated. It is located on Interstate 80, a major transport route, and affordable housing and land is abundant. The time is now to redevelop Newton into what it used to be. Start looking for investors and corporations. Strike while the iron is hot and you have the workforce in place.

I would not trade my time growing up in Newton for anything in the world! It taught me about society, work, love, learning, romance and how to become a valuable member of society. My hopes and prayers are that Newton can become what it once was.

Brad Shue

Statesville, N.C.


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