County’s population up slightly

County’s population up slightly
Date June 21, 2006
Section(s) Local News


Jasper County’s population saw modest growth in the past five years even in the face of huge job losses at Maytag during that time period.

The county’s population grew an estimated 1.2 percent from April 2000 to July 2005, according to U.S. Census Bureau information released today. The new figures give Jasper County a population of 37,674, up 461 people from the 2000 census report.

Jasper County’s rate of growth is slightly lower than the state’s overall population gain of 1.4 percent. Iowa had an estimated population of 2,966,334 in July 2005 compared to 2,926,324 five years earlier.

Newton’s population was stagnant during the time period, gaining just five people from the 2000 census estimate of 15,602. However, during that time period as many as 2,000 jobs were lost at Maytag‘s Newton factory and its corporate headquarters site.

Residents moving into rural areas of the county accounted for most of the population growth. Rural residential populations rose 2.6 percent from 12,367 to 12,687, an increase of 320 people.

Among incorporated cities, Prairie City saw the largest numerical and percentage increase over the five-year period. The community located along Jasper County’s western edge adjacent to Polk County grew 4.3 percent, from 1,365 to 1,424, an increase of 59 individuals over the time frame.

Monroe added 30 new residents while Kellogg grew by 21. Only Sully (down 16) and Lambs Grove (down 7) saw population declines during the time frame.

The census data showed that most of the growth in the state occurred in and adjacent to Iowa’s largest communities of Des Moines and Cedar Rapids. Altoona, for instance, grew nearly 25 percent during the five-year time span, adding more than 2,500 people to its population base. Ankeny added nearly 9,500 residents, growing 34.5 percent.


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