Conduct an autopsy on Maytag death

Conduct an autopsy on Maytag death
Date June 22, 2006
Section(s) Opinion
To the Editor:

The failure of Maytag is causing major problems in a very large number of lives.

The death of one person results in an autopsy many times but only affects a relatively few number of people.

Since it is almost inconceivable that a robust, well-managed corporation could fail, shouldn’t an autopsy of some sort be performed to determine the cause of death? At the very least, other companies might learn how to avoid the same fate.

Could the governor appoint a group of knowledgeable former Maytag managers to perform this service?

Wouldn’t this be in the best interest of the people?

James Kirwin

Franklin, Tenn.


One Response to “Conduct an autopsy on Maytag death”

  1. kelly Says:

    to consern,
    i think that this story should be posted all over newton, Maytag was a family bussiness for us three generation’s of my grandmother and my father and myself with a combined service to maytag working there for 64 year’s as being on the payroll, with the best benifet’s and the great life of good money, earned from the swet, and hard work that kept maytag going. not just a bunch of over paid corperate types that will benifet from are loss and they will still gain.. kelly woody

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