Sen. Black and Rep. Bell deserve credit

Sen. Black and Rep. Bell deserve credit
Date July 12, 2006
Section(s) Opinion
To the Editor:

On Friday evening, we attended a meeting in Altoona where Gov. Vilsack was the speaker. The governor made several references to Newton and the changes that will occur as the result of Whirlpool’s acquisition of Maytag.

During his talk, the governor gave full credit to Sen. Dennis Black and Rep. Paul Bell for their proposal that the Iowa Values Fund be used to “jump start” Newton’s incentives for seeking new and expanded business and industry with a $10 million state grant. Their proposal, announced by the governor, was later approved by the Values Fund Board, and Newton is now eligible to use those funds for the intended purpose.

On Monday, we talked with Sen. Black and asked if his constituents were aware that he and Bell had instigated the funding to the city. He told us that they probably did not, although a news release had been issued the day the governor was in Newton at the city hall. That news release was never printed.

We want the people of Newton and surrounding communities to know that it was our senator and representative that went to bat at the statehouse to ensure our local economic developers had state money available to them for seeking new or expanded business in our city that was so hard hit with the layoffs and loss of Maytag.

We are proud of the work Black and Bell do in Des Moines to represent us. We are fortunate to have two representatives that work so hard for our interests. Both need to be returned to the capitol in the election on Nov. 7.

Fritz and Carol Kramer



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