In-depth reporting appreciated

In-depth reporting appreciated
Date October 19, 2005
Section(s) Opinion
To the Editor:

Thanks to the Newton Daily News for their in-depth reporting about Newton’s financial situation. The editor clearly paints a bleaker picture of Newton’s budget than earlier reported by Mayor Allen. The dollar amounts Newton will lose if The Maytag Corporation closes its doors are staggering. Our city will face enormous, economic challenges.

It is no surprise that Maytag corporate leaders are involved in underhanded and immoral money shenanigans during the final stages of the Maytag buyout. As Max Tipton plainly pointed out, it is to Mr. Hake’s shame that he has done this.

Newton’s future, with or without The Maytag Corporation, should be addressed honestly by city officials. Mr. Schornack’s candid interview with the editor was a good place to start.

Deana Williams



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